About Me

Hello, I’m Lillian Rajkovich, a conscious spiritual channel.  I was raised in a small Southern California town, a first born American of parents who immigrated from the former Yugoslavia.  Serbo-Croatian was spoken in the home.  I was christened as Ljiljana and I wish to acknowledge the name my parents gave me because I am aware of their loving support in spirit of my channeling work.  I have raised two daughters in the same small town and retired from a lifetime of professional customer service related work.  A fun fact about me is that I have had my 1968 Camaro as a daily driver for over 35 years, thus the muscle car medium reference was born.

Through my desire to speak to my mother in spirit, I have uncovered my spiritual gifts.  In 2014, while journaling I realized that when I wrote down a question I would mentally get an answer that was not coming from my own personal thoughts.  At that time I received messages from the angels, as well as my mother and father in spirit.  The process of hearing words mentally and writing them down as they are heard is called conscious channeling.  I can receive the information anywhere, and it is not required that I be in a meditative or trance state.  I just stop and set aside my own thoughts.  The flow of words happens smoothly, as if taking dictation, until I feel the transmission has come to its end.  Being a channel for divine information is my greatest purpose and I am honored to share it with others.  Through training my gift has evolved into speech channeling. I am able to trust the Archangelic realm to communicate through me the messages of greatest benefit, as they have a much broader perspective. Together, our purpose is to give you loving, personal guidance and messages that will bring clarity, insight and healing. Connecting you with the love of Source and also your loved ones who have passed. Let’s have a conversation with Spirit!