Lillian is the real deal.

Lillian did a reading for me the other day. We do not know each other at all. We are on a fb group together for beauty products. I have NEVER posted any personal info on my fb page or in this group. I asked Lillian some questions and was AMAZED what she told me. I asked about my mom who passed away. I said I always know my mom blinks my lights and that I felt something was not right. Lillian told me my mom laughs at this, and that she is playing a game with me. She asked me if I had my moms wedding ring and I said yes. Then she asked is your moms name Eleanor. I was in SHOCK. She could never know this because I never posted my moms name anywhere. I even looked up my name on the internet to see my relatives in NJ and my moms name was not there. She described my mom to a tee and said she is a very strong lady and she saw my mom standing with her hands on her hips with a sweater on her shoulders with the top button buttoned. She said my mom was laughing. That was perfectly right. This lady is the real deal. Thank you so much Lillian. You really made my day.               -Liz